( Please select suitable package from the following depending on your requirement for creating Ewaybills. You may test our service by going for a monthly pack before moving on to the annual pack ).
No carry over of unused limit should be allowed to the next period on renewal.

ID Package Sub Package INR GST Amount Total E-waybills(Limit)
1Annual PackBasic 1000.00180.001180.00700
2Annual PackPremium 2500.00450.002950.002000
3Annual PackSilver 5000.00900.005900.005000
4Annual PackGold 7500.001350.008850.0010000
5Annual PackPlatinum 10000.001800.0011800.0020000
6Monthly PackBasic 110.0019.80129.8060
7Monthly PackPremium 270.0048.60318.60170
8Monthly PackSilver 530.0095.40625.40420
9Monthly PackGold 790.00142.20932.20840
10Monthly PackPlatinum 1050.00189.001239.001670